Syros Island

Syros is one of the few ‘green’ islands of Cyclades and is located in the center of the archipelago, known as the “Lady of the Cyclades” because of its cultural character, its position and its administrative importance. A unique architecture – many are those who characterize “outdoor museum”, churches, Catholic and Orthodox, which are monuments and a natural environment that makes visitors to admire it, are the things that people who arrive in this small island with such a great value, can meet.

The ground is rocky in Syros, the largest bays of the coastline of the island is the ones of Ermoupoli and Foinikas, while Gyaros is among the islands belonging to Syros. It has a total area of ​​84 sq. km and is “divided” by its natural topography into two parts , north and south.

The northern part of Syros is Apano Meria. The landscape there is wild with steep slopes and rocks, unique traditional villages and hiking trails. The southern part has the most tourist attractions of Syros, coastal settlements, but also the main port and the capital, Ermoupoli.

Ano Syros, the historic old city where the Catholic element is particularly strong and where the great rebetis Markos Vamvakaris composed its creations, is located on a hill above Ermoupoli. Posidonia, Vari, Foinikas  and other villages will enchant you with its beauty and secrets.